Acne & Acne Scars

Everyone has dealt with acne at some time or the other, some developing it during adolescence and some well into adulthood. The biggest concern about this particular skin problem is the scars that it leaves behind, some often for life. This makes it crucial to treat acne as early as possible.

Dr Nisha – Anlon’s Aesthetic Physician and Consultant Dermatologist is an expert in treating acne and has helped hundreds of clients gain back their confidence. She uses procedural treatments like chemical peels and lasers that speeds up the process, giving patients desired results in the shortest span of time.


Anti-ageing treatments workwonders in preventing and delaying the process of ageing. Rejuvenation is achieved by combining treatments that focus on different areas of aging such as sun damage, volume loss, wrinkling, and textural changes. Any Anti-ageing treatment requires continuous effort for noticeable results, and our consultant dermatologist can you get there at our luxury medisalon in Chennai.

Skin Maintenance

Not everybody is bestowed with flawless skin, and sometimes along the way it can become dull, spotted, sallow, or damaged. This can affect one’s self esteem & confidence making them shy away from opportunities of success in life.

Similar to our homes & cars, the skin also needs regular maintenance. Over the years skin health can be broken down by harsh chemicals, exposure to sun, the lack of proper skin care, hormonal changes, lifestyle choices, and genetic influences.

At Anlon – the best Cosmetology salon in Chennai we focus on undoing skin damage by repairing, consolidating, and maintaining the skin, ensuring the best long-term results.

Uneven Skin Tone

Patchy skin may be the result of sun exposure, harsh facials, wrong products, hormonal issues, or genetic conditions. Identifying the cause is the first step in managing this condition, and the next is to devise a treatment protocol consisting of two phases – repair and maintenance.

Chemical Peels & Custom Medi facials that are performed by Dr.Nisha at the best skin clinic in Chennai play a major role in evening out the skin tone.