Hair is the gateway to expressing one’s personality

Hair is the gateway to expressing one’s personality & individual style, and Anlon’s professional hair artists help you narrate your story in style. With Premium hair care brands like Kevin Murphy, Olaplex, Balmain, L’Oréal, and Hair.TOXX, we ensure you leave our studio feeling like a superstar about to hit the red carpet!

Haircuts & Styling

When done just right, a haircut can accentuate the best features on your face. Our experienced and talented hair artists in Chennai will sculpt a look that defines your face while also adding bounce and volume.

Creative Colouring

Colour is good, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Anlon – a signature hair salon in Chennai can bring your craziest colour fantasies to life. So get creative, even if it is intermixing fabulous pastel shades with bespoke neons, we have the best hairstylists in Chennai that can make it happen.


By adding a layer of protein to your hair, this treatment done at Anlon – a luxury hair salon in Chennai works wonders on dry & frizzy hair that is prone to hair loss and breakage. It controls your precious strands from reacting to humidity, making it smooth & manageable.

Hair Health


As one of the leading hair problems that people face, dandruff can be a confidence-killer. While mild dandruff can sometimes be treated with a specialised hair regimen, severe dandruff needs to be carefully evaluated. This is because extreme ends of the spectrum can be linked to serious conditions like sebopsoriasis & scalp psoriasis. These need prompt management from an experienced professional, and our cosmetology specialist in Chennai aims to help you gain back your confidence once again.

Damaged Hair

Weathered hair has become a significant problem for men & women because of improper hair care and inappropriate choice of hairstyling techniques. As the best Medisalon in Chennai, we aim to provide our clients with the accurate knowledge of products, protocols, and hair modifying treatments.

Hair Loss

Hair loss in men & women can be brought about by multiple causes depending on genetic, environmental, and medical factors. Some of the common causes are Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL), and Alopecia Areata. Other conditions include acute and chronic telogen effluvium, fungal infections, trichotillomania, traction alopecia, and scarring alopecia. To combat these causes, our signature hair salon in Chennai offers hair treatments like medical management, scalp microneedling, and platelet rich plasma therapy to help clients gain back the luscious growth they once had.

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